Dans la solitude des jours (Bernard Mazo)

Posted by arbrealettres sur 30 octobre 2016

Dans la solitude des jours
rien ne se passe

mais c’est au bord
de ce rien
que tout peut advenir


(Bernard Mazo)



Une Réponse to “Dans la solitude des jours (Bernard Mazo)”

  1. pranavahimaging said

    Stunning poem… Thank you… Inspirational and True


    The sweetness of the still mind is Bliss
    Bliss Supreme Bliss Divine
    Only There and Then We find
    When the search has ceased
    On the edge of the edge-less dawn
    And wall-less night
    The so called Event Horizon
    The Space that consumes all, is all, contains all
    In the Absolute feeding frenzy
    There within the voracious violence
    Exists in the borderless, boundless eternity
    The No more
    The Ever more
    Silence when the chatter pauses
    Waves a smile goodbye to loneliness
    And fully embraces the world of The Alone
    The All One
    That which is All

    Pranavah Imaging 30 October 2016

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