L’amour et l’harmonie (William Blake)

Posted by arbrealettres sur 22 août 2017

L’amour et l’harmonie

L’amour et l’harmonie s’unissent,
S’enlaçant autour de nos Ames,
Tandis que nos branches se mêlent
Et que nos racines se joignent.


Love and Harmony

Love and harmony combine,
And round our souls entwine
While thy branches mix with mine,
And our roots together join.

Joys upon our branches sit,
Chirping loud and singing sweet;
Like gentle streams beneath our feet
Innocence and virtue meet.

Thou the golden fruit dost bear,
I am clad in flowers fair;
Thy sweet boughs perfume the air,
And the turtle buildeth there.

There she sits and feeds her young,
Sweet I hear her mournful song;
And thy lovely leaves among,
There is love, I hear his tongue.

There his charming nest doth lay,
There he sleeps the night away;
There he sports along the day,
And doth among our branches play.

(William Blake)



Une Réponse vers “L’amour et l’harmonie (William Blake)”

  1. arbrealettres said

    Désolé je n’ai pas toute la version française…

Qu'est-ce que ça vous inspire ?

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